Analyze a Wikipedia Entry

1. Referring to your timeline and map, how well does the entry describe the events of the riot, and when and where they occurred?

The Wikipedia entry does not describe the events of the riot, when or where they occurred very well. It gives generalized information about the riot and major point such as the trigger, the dates of the riot and the statistics after the riot but lacks many details. For example, in the “Inciting Incident” section it begins with “On the evening of Wednesday, August 11, 1965, 21-year-old Marquette Frye, an African-American man driving his mother’s 1955 Buick while drunk, was pulled over by California Highway Patrol rookie motorcycle officer Lee Minikus for alleged reckless driving.” However, it does not give an exact time Marquette was pulled over, nor does it give the location the traffic stop occurred. Throughout the rest of the article there are more generalized events but very few discrete events with any indication of time and location.

2. How well does the label applied to the riot in the entry fit with the information in the entry and with your interpretation of the riot?

The labels applied to the riot in this entry was Rebellion, “the actors had sound political complaints against underlying political, social, and economic structures of oppression,” and Uprising “a spontaneous upsurge of protest or violent expression of discontent, something with political content, but short of a full- fledged revolutionary act.” These two labels do fit with my interpretation of the riot but again this entry proves. it is difficult to label this riot as one definitive label because it shares characteristics of both labels. Which is subjective based on the individual analyzing the riot.

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