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After completing this timeline there are several things to note. The three main cluster of events fall under the categories of crowds. accumulate, law enforcement/military and damages. On August 12, I. have the biggest cluster of events from 12:00 pm to 00:00 am. Events that did not show up in the timeline, were several image captions that had a location, but no time or approximate time of day listed. I have about 12 events with no time references but locations. Press and Government are categories that show up the least in my timeline. There are several gaps in my timeline, which are during the day, typically for 6-8 hours on several days. Which makes sense because that’s when children are out of school and the adults are off work. Based on the patterns in my timeline, I will label this riot as an uprising. Based on the characteristics in the PowerPoint “Thinking about race riots historically” an uprising can be described as “a spontaneous upsurge of protest or violent expression of discontent, something with political content, but short of a full- fledged revolutionary act.”

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