Creating Data

The data on the events does support uprising as the key feature I identified. All of the events were sporadic and spontaneous which also support the data found in my text analysis. There were no use of words such as “planned, strategize, organized,” in the context of a premeditated events. The only exception to this was the planned community meeting at auditorium at Athens Park. Therefore, it does not fit the definition of a rebellion, which I previously said it could also be. It was a spontanoues upsurge of violent expression of discontent in the way blacks were being treated. With the perception of the crowd being that Mrs. Frye along with her sons were being beaten by the police. Knowing the details of individual events does not change the label of my right, it further strengthens there label I changed it to after my text analysis. As the crowds in the Watts area got more angry, violent senseless actions continued to follow but there was no indication any off this was strategic, organized or planned. Just the results of growing angry and discontent manifesting.

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