Mapping Data

The biggest cluster my map had was along Avalon Blvd and Imperial highway, which is where many events took place.  Everything else was spread out more, so there were no other significant clusters. As far as the categories clustering in the same location, looting, arson, and overall property damage were clustered on Avalon Blvd and Imperial Highway. This is where the commercial businesses and stores where located. As the duration of the right increased the location of events continued to spread out in all directions. In my opinion this. Is why one of the events was the governor ordered a 50-mile radius 8pm curfew to help minimize and prevent the spread of the rioting. There were several events that are not on my map because of the lack of exact of general location. Due to the spontaneity and geographical spread of events during the duration of my riot, I am labeling it as an uprising “a spontaneous upsurge of protest or violent expression of discontent, something with political content, but short of a full- fledged revolutionary act.”

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