Review of Analysis of a Riot

The initial analysis of my riot was described as a racial disorder: a riot defined by as “…involves at least one group publicly, and with little or no attempt at concealment, illegally assaulting at least one other group or illegally attacking or invading property.” (Halle & Rafter 2003). After looking at the data collectively, I am applying the label of an uprising. Based on the characteristics in the PowerPoint “Thinking about race riots historically” an uprising can be described as “a spontaneous upsurge of protest or violent expression of discontent, something with political content, but short of a full- fledged revolutionary act.” The Watts riot was a large-scale, violent protest, against systemic racism and police brutality, which are factors in uprisings. My map confirms this label due to the spontaneity and spread of events during the duration of my riot, as the duration of the riot increased the location of events continued to spread out in all directions. As far as the categories clustering in the same location, looting, arson, and overall property damage were clustered on Avalon Blvd and Imperial Highway. This is where the commercial businesses and stores where located. The timeline as confirms this labeling, although there are several gaps in my timeline, which are during the day, typically for 6-8 hours on several days. Most damages, violence and deaths happen in the evening when everyone is relieved of their daily obligations such as school and work Based on the patterns in my text analysis, it did not offer concrete evidence for labeling my riot but words without context.

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